29″ Coffin Cruiser #DR1


Wood: Bamboo and Baltic Birch (weight limit 250lbs)

Length: 29″

Width: 9.5″

Tail: 1/2″

Camber: 5/8″

Concave 1/2″

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Hand crafted coffin shaped cruiser longboard 29 x 9.5 inch made out of 1 layer of 1/16 inch Bamboo and 3 layers of 1/8 inch Baltic Birch. The deck has a 1/2 inch concave and 5/8 inch camber. The deck art is one of a kind high-voltage wood burning on Baltic Birch with an epoxy resin finish. The longboard is equipped with 180mm Paris trucks, clear white 70mm wheels and high quality ABEC 8+ bearings.

Holz Longboard Co. is a Miami based longboard company and wood shop that focuses on craftsmanship, quality and the spirit of following your heart. We believe in the power of collaboration and work with local suppliers and artists to build longboards that are unique and high in quality.